My Notable Ads

They catch my eye, make me giggle, some make me frown until I think I get it, make me wanna show someone immediately etc. That’s what ads do, besides persuading us to try out different products and services.

Whitney Houston in a 1980s Max Factor ad

Brand: Minute Maid – Agency : Marcel République, Paris. Photography by Peter Lippmann

Brand: Nespresso – Agency : MRM Worldwide, Paris. Photography by Peter Lippmann

Brand: CHIVAS – Agency : Euro RSCG, London. Photography by Peter Lippmann

Brand: Shoe City – After a few attempts at trying to figure out what this ad was trying to say, I’m still baffled. One cannot marry the copy to the shoes. Are these shoes supposed to make you feel better for running over a cats? As in, kill or hurt a cat as long as you’re in the right shoes? Ok, I give up.

Brand: Aquascutum – I’m not sure why any Design house would want to have a pigeon right on top of the model’s head?I do however, love the trench and the turban combo. The black & white used sets off something reminiscent in me, I don’t know if that was meant to happen, but it did which is good.

Brand: Tom Ford – How else to promote your sunglasses than to have a gorgeous nekkid chick wear them? There are only two ways for your eyes to bounce about.

Don’t try to fool me with a different sandal because I wasn’t born yesterday. I was born the day before yesterday.

Tell the truth, I’m prettier live than on the ultrasound.

Brand: HavaianasI couldn’t resist these – how cute are those small chubby feet?! The copy totally made this work. Clever angle to not be straight-forward and try sell the flip-flops but to address it from the kid’s point of view.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar ; Lürzer’s Archive

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