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My new hair. I might just let it be my trademark. Deciding…

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Brown Skin

[This is for everyone who is told they are “too dark” or “too white looking” to be BLACK and/or BEAUTIFUL. There are so many shades of brown. Stop the ignorance.]

Source: FuckYeahFamousBlackGirls.Tumblr
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My new hair (well, about 2 weeks old)

Inspired by the two beauts, Solange Knowles and Patra (Reggae artist from the 90’s) who was most likely the inspiration behind Solange trying these braids out…

Won’t lie, I’m already a little tired of them, but I’m enjoying them.

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Super Nails

Appreciation. Inspiration.

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Brooches for Hair

Winter is almost behind us and although I’m a little bit worried that I won’t be “in shape” for all the gorgeous (read skimpy – I kid, I kid) clothes I want to wear, I’m also quite excited about all the wonderful options the warmer season will be offering us. I like this – a good, quick way of adding that much-needed glam to hair during those summer nights out!

Pic: Asos Mag Sept 2011
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I love her. I’m always left stunned at her beauty.


I love that she’s not known as “just Beyonce’s sister” anymore. From Singer, Song-writer, DJ, she can now add Rimmel London, a major cosmetic house to her list of wins. She’s taking it nice and easy in building herself a solid name. Nice one, busy lady.

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She’s feeling fine, isn’t she…


inside my bag…

Thought I’d do the typical blogger thing and expose you to the contents of my bag, and by the looks of things, I’m a very practical person.

Though, missing from this bag when I took the pic is my compact mirror and collapsible hair-brush, misplaced both. My shades aren’t here… they stay in the car. Also deliberately left out my make-up bag, it’s clunky and would’ve taken up the whole shot.

[Clockwise] – Notebooks (personal & work) plus a Pen; Hand-cream, Car-keys (along with my work and home gate remotes); Purse; USB-Drive and Highlighter; Phone with earphones; Lipgloss and Lipstick; Hair-pin and my reliable Mac Powder.



So inspired, I’m thinking of getting these Solange braids, I hope they work with me / on me… wanna take a break from my usual look. It’s just hair I know, but me and my stubborn self are taking too friggin long deciding if I should get
these or not.

I don’t want to look grungy, scruffy and unkept, ya know… Totally understandable…

So, yup… I do believe I’m going ahead.  Flip, why exactly am I doubting that they’ll look good on me before I’ve even tried them?! Besides, braids suit every black girl. Right?


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Words that come to mind with this layout: Airy, Fresh, Light and Simple, which gives an idea of the type of fragrance that this is, right. It won’t lie heavily on the wearer.

Although it’s designed to make the model the hero of the ad (as most fragrance ads are), you certainly don’t miss the bottle down right.

Will it make me or you step in-store and test it out?

Did you even notice it in the last glossy magazine you picked up?

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We don’t talk about hair-don’ts…

This has been a year for freeform and edgy looks in hair. Black women, in particular, are expressing themselves more and more with artistic and creative ‘dos. One such look for spring/summer 2010 is plaited hair. The popularity of milkmaid braids in 2009 now evolves into the braided hairstyle trend, mostly as a result of the hairstyle heavily featuring on the Spring 2010 catwalks.

Popular trends in hair for this summer…

Retro glam: This one makes me want to scream, it’s so hot. The vintage 1930′s, 1940′s and 1950′s Hollywood hair is the new glamour. From voluptuous waves to tight curls to updos, Rhi-rhi and Janelle Monae have long hopped on and mastered this modern day retro style.

Long free-flowing hair: Long free flowing hair whether weaves, wigs, or real are the choice for those who don’t opt for short and sassy. Women like Jennifer Hudson, Brandy, Nicki Minaj, Gabrielle Union and closer to home, Bonang, are heading this up.

Short Kinky hair / Natural hair: Many black women are going back to their natural textures and going for the big chop. Amber Rose led this in wearing hers short and shaved, and Solange Knowles followed. Chrisette Michele also recently chose to “go natural” by growing it out. Precious Kofi has been doing it.

Big bold curly natural hair: Big curly or wavy natural hair and weaves are on the rise, where many a sister are trying out the wash-plait-and-go look without the commitment. Also, stars such as Corinne Bailey Rae have been rocking their natural coils and curls big and bold.

Braids, plaits and cornrows: Whether it’s the one milkbraid, the long braid, braid to the side and fish plait to the side, or cornrows, braided hair is back as a street edgy style or a relaxed elegant coiffure.

Sassy layered hair: Asymmetrical and layered haircuts are still hot and they are getting even shorter. Halle Berry, Nicole Richie and Janet Jackson are wearing their hair short and cropped in sassy layers, very cute.

Last but not least, the fringe: It’s aaaalways in!

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