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Hello 2012. Hello 25.

Hello everyone…

I know, I know, it has been a while since my last post. Let’s just say technology has not been on my side lately. So let me get all those wonderful greetings out of the way; Merry Xmas 2011, Happy New Year and happy birthday to me! I turned 25 on Jan 29th.

A lot of beautiful things have happened to me and I feel very blessed; this year is going to be a good one, we all just need to claim it. This was without a doubt the best birthday ever. Feels good to be growing a year older.

Spent my birthday in Cape Town, Stellenbosch.

Saturday, Jan 28th, checked out Gordon's Bay beach


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5-10 Sept: NBW

The South African Book Development Council (SABDC), in partnership with the Department of Arts and Culture, is proud to announce National Book Week 2011 (NBW) which is an initiative that aims to celebrate books, promote and share the joy of reading books amongst ALL South Africans. Only 14% of South Africans are active book readers (unbelievably low) and a scary low  5% of parents read to their children. What is this?!

We can, and should, do our bit to help by reading to our nephews and nieces, but also read for yourself (and I’m not referring to just magazines); our pre-school teachers were so very right, “Reading increases your vocabulary!”

Also, let’s support our African authors.

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“Liberian Barbies”

Pics by Glenna Gordon
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South Sudan becomes the world’s newest nation

Southern Sudanese people celebrate independence in Juba, officially breaking away from northern Sudan after two civil wars over five decades where millions of lives were lost. The world wishes you well on your new journey.

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