An ode to my parents


 (Spotlight on my mother)

Thank you for being you. Kind, caring, honest, and above all, generous.

Thank you for being there to support me despite the bad decisions I’ve made… without judgement, but with tough-love fueled advise.

Thank you. You’ve worked hard to provide for our family, yet ensuring that my brother and I understood the value of money.

Thank you for teaching me right from wrong. I can be selfish sometimes, doing what I want regardless of how it leaves the next person feeling. You have led by example and ensured that I think of others, sometimes even ahead of myself.

Thank you for being honest with me. Being honest about the divorce and how it made you feel. You had to now take full responsibility of two young kids when you were so young yourself. For being honest on the choices of my boyfriends, my friends and my choice of clothing.

Thank you for giving me your sense of style. Thank you for being a woman who loves herself and has always looked good regardless of the troubles surrounding her. I look at your pictures from the 80s and wish I could have your entire wardrobe, especially your dresses and slinky, strappy 3-inch sandals.

Thank you for allowing me to dream. I didn’t want to be a lawyer or a doctor or a chartered accountant. I wanted my interests to lead my career choices and you supported me throughout.

Thank you for letting me think for myself. Whatever the subject, you’ve allowed me to think, think and think. And today we tackle difficulties together because you know I would have exhausted every possible avenue towards the solution.

Thank you for your sisters. All my aunts are practically my older sisters.

Thank you for making home a place I want to be. It is home because you are there.

Thank you for always letting me know that I am loved.

Pic: My parents
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