“Working hard is no longer about getting a promotion (though you won’t get one without it) or because we have a deluded senses of loyalty. It’s clear now that jobs aren’t for life because businesses will chew us up and spit us out if it’s in their interest. So if I’m working overtime, it’s because I expect it to pay out for me later – it’s about my life, my career, my future.”

As seen in the August issue of ELLE SA, but originally written by Natalie Evans-Harding in the June 2012 issue

One thought on “Preach

  1. artacuity says:

    this is true. A job or position will only last as long as the organisation need/prefer your expertise, after that you’re on your own. Nn the flip side, true and pure passion is infinite, therefore its important to love what you do and do what you love…If you lucky… You may never work a day in your life. #MyAcuity

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