Men x Winter Fashion


  1. Boots that go the distance: Find a pair of boots that are comfortable, that will serve as your staple, “go-to” pair. We all need a functional pair like this

  2. Trench Coat: Invest in a good trench coat, first basic colours to get: Black, Gun-metal Grey and Camel

  3. A well-tailored blazer: I can’t place enough emphasis on the fact that it needs to fit YOU well

  4. Leather Jacket: Wear and take care of your leather

  5. Puffer Vest: Layer with a puffer vest because they are a clever layering piece, they add something “out-doorsy” to even the most unadventurous lads out there (:P)

  6. Scarves: A scarf that can stand the harsh winter breeze. Also, learn to tie your scarf, and have more than one scarf just so you don’t look the same everyday

  7. Gloves: I don’t really care much for gloves, they make me feel claustrophobic, but they do add a touch of glamour (especially if they’re leather) to almost any outfit, so they’re a good basic winter item to own

  8. Beanies: A proper knit-hat is a must, but keep it clean – no logos

  9. Long Johns: Layer up. Thermals will keep you toasty without adding any bulk, we understand that guys get cold too

  10. Socks: Forgettable but just as important, you need to have countless pairs because as we all know, they go missing as and when they please

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