Poet, Musician and MC, we’ve come to (widely) know and love Tumi as the rapper of Tumi and the Volume. Here, he answers a few quick questions about fears, parenthood & married life as well as what he finds sexy.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? I admire what Bob Marley was able to do with his music and popularity. I like that you can be unwavering in your stance and the world takes you as you are, Bob Dylan, OutKast, Miles Davis, Nneka, Prince, Wu Tang and Bra Hugh all have this.

Which famous musicians have you learned from? I learnt to own my talent from Jay Z, I learnt to share it from Danyel Waro, I learnt to be honest from Common, I learnt to mystify from Michael Jackson. tons of lessons.

What is strictly sexy: [facial expression: grin] The female form. Big, small, short, tall, done up, down to earth, polite, rude. but more than anything I think sexy is a feeing. I think we are all suckers for the ones that make us feel like this.

Favourite film: [facial expression: straight face, almost disappointed at the shift in questions]  Mapantsula and Citizen Kane

What makes you laugh: [facial expression: chuckle] Smarts, Irony, Tracy Morgan (Vietnam!!!!!!), My son’s questions (Dad, how come you know everything?)

Irrational fear? [facial expression: embarrassed] Fucking Zombie Movies, Dude, even the comedic type, I shit myself. I must say, I find horror movies to be stupid, but Zombie flicks freak me out.

Style is: [Facial expression: sits up] A balance between comfort and audacity.

Art is: [facial expression: straight face] Something you can use but would rather just stare at.

Best part of being a father: [facial expression: Big smile] This world trusts me with LIFE.

Best part of married life: [Facial expression: Huge smile] To have someone on your team you are about and who is about you. Incredible. 

Favourite city to travel to: [Facial expression: grin] Amsterdam Saved My Life. 

People are surprised that I: [facial expression: Laughing] I am a health nut and I am actually very childlike in manner. 

I am currently working on: [facial expression: Index finger to lips] A Film.

If I had an opportunity to change something about the music industry in SA, what would it be? [facial expression: wincing] Stop trying to be an industry and concentrate on introducing kids to music cuz its fun.

Check out his blog and keep up with him on twitter.


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