What you won’t find me doing…

  1. Watching the sports channel all willy-nilly (Though I think this will change soon)

  2. Thinking of the perfect replacement ingredient to add to a recipe

  3. Up early on a Saturday morning (unless I’m travelling somewhere or have a funeral to attend)

  4. You won’t find me thinking I don’t have a book or something to read; Always do

  5. You also won’t find me without my phone

Your turn…

One thought on “Insight

  1. Nontsie says:

    1. Sat watching telly. I never do… Can’t bring myself to do it.
    2. Having and maintaining a meaningless conversation.
    3. You definitely won’t EVER find me chirpy in the morning.
    4. Without a book a book and notepad in my handbag
    5. Out in town “just to get out” when its minus something everyday here. NO.

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