Bobbed Lady

Came across this pic of Anna Wintour on the Jak and Jil blog. One glance, and you can just tell it’s her… She looks so fragile in the middle of street like that. I was also interested to see what the commentary on the pic would be from fellow Jak and Jil viewers, and some of it was as follows:

  • “It’s like the whole world freezes as she gracefully goes across. Anna is always such a classy lady”
  • “Probably on a Starbucks run. Great capture in motion”
  • “That skirt reminds me of a cucumber sandwich (in a good and refreshing way)…great shot!”
  • “There is such chaos around her and I love the movement in her walk, with clear direction of course. She is really quite something.”
  • “…and without her body guards. this is brilliant”
  • “I wonder how shy gets by without a handbag. Is that just a phone in her hand?”
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One thought on “Bobbed Lady

  1. Would love to watch her cross streets all day… 😉

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