Here’s some news:-

Thurs. – Out at Analogue Nites (my outfit above), which takes place on the last Thurs of every month – different artist(s) each time, this time for a Motswako Republic performance featuring Tuks and Morafe with a surprise appearance by HHP. ‘Twas absolute bliss. I remember having a stiff neck last week, which woke with me on Thursday morning, but completely disappeared by Friday morning. It appeared I danced my stiff neck away that night.

Fri. – Tired as all hell from the night before, battled my way through the day and decided to go out for a wholesome bite to eat. Craved warm, hearty pasta and I knew just the place. Good ol’ Primi came to the rescue, their Recco Con Pollo is pure divinity! I endured funny looks from strangers while busy taking pics of my food, I almost wanted to blurt out “It’s for my blog people!!”

Sat. – I sat for about 3 hours getting my braids done. Bleh. Looking good though.

Sun. – And yesterday, a happy, sleep-indulged me happily woke up to carry out the day’s events, i.e. errands (I enjoyed this, strangely enough!). Then bumped into a massive sale at Exclusive Books. It stopped us dead in our tracks. I even tweeted, “So indecisive at the exclusive books sale!! Gosh…” followed by “Something for everyone…Sale at Exclusive Books lasting another 3 weeks, do the right thing”

I couldn’t walk away without this gem. I feel like I did something good for my unborn kids with this book. (hehehe)

Please excuse the quality of some of the pics, all shots taken on my mobile.

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