Love / Hate

Sometimes I have a love-hate relationship with fashion, but luckily it only happens once in a while, most times, it’s all love. Below is a list of things that are still waiting in line for me to care…

1.      UGGs
2.     Halloween costumes (in South Africa of all places, I mean c’mon)
3.     Fake nails and fake eye-lashes ( I’m only as fancy as fake braided hair)
4.     Gradient nails… I. Just. Cannot.
5.     The latest trends and must-haves announced every season (I’m not saying one must live in a cocoon, just that not every single trend need apply to you)
6.     Runway photography (they always just look the same, I love street-style b/c half the time it’s more interesting to watch what the people attending the shows are wearing)
7.     The inability for some of us to move AWAY from a trend (E.g. Cornrows on guys)
8.     Over-priced clothing
9.     100 “Fashion Weeks” a year (Although my F.O.M.O tends to take over and I end up succumbing – bleh)
10. Clogs. Let’s just say I appreciate them on other people.

That is all. You’re welcome to weigh in on my surly nature. 😉


2 thoughts on “Love / Hate

  1. Lesego says:

    First of all, I think that ur absolutlely fabulous and I agree, clogs must be banned, I dont understand why every part needs to be extended or fake (i.e eyelashes), over priced clothing like seriously? and well everything else although i must admit im a bit of a trend victim.

    oh by the way, what are gradient nails? excuse my ignorance.

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks 🙂
    Oh babe, even as I type this I’ve probably fallen victim to some sort of trend! We all have. I don’t think a description from me on the gradient nail trend would do it, rather google them and see.

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