My Kinda Clock

I have come to realize I’ve known for a while now that if there’s one thing that’s dysfunctional and needs serious attention from me, it has got to be my time-keeping skills, or lack thereof. I am late for literally everything (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little – not everything!). Late by 2min, 5min, 10min all the way to 20 min and still I feel like it’s not SO bad. But even when I’m at the peak of that shitty, late feeling, making all sorts of grand promises about how this will the last time it happens, I always end up doing myself over. THIS MUST CHANGE. *straight face*

A friend said to me that by showing up late for engagements it sends the message that one doesn’t have much respect the other person’s time. I keep this in mind as I get ready, and try as much as possible not to ‘faff’ before I step out the house. Because the last thing I want is to disrespect anybody’s time.


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