Zoe Kravitz covers ASOS Magazine

Zoe shares being ‘uncomfortable’ with the “it-girl” label:
“All that ‘it-girl’ s–t makes me kind of uncomfortable. I’m only at the beginning of my career, but I feel successful in that I haven’t sold out in any way, shape or form. I feel good about the choices I’ve made, and I don’t feel like I’ve let go of any of my values. Fame has become this obsession for
people, which kind of creeps me out.”

On her friendship with Jay-Z:
“I’d met Jay a few times, and then he asked me to be in his video for ‘I Know.’ After that we became really good friends and now he’s one of my favorite people. It sounds so weird when you say it because he’s f—ing Jay-Z! But what’s so weird is that he’s such a cool guy that sometimes I wish he wasn’t Jay-Z so we could hang out all day long and walk around and talk s–t because I love him.”

Zoe shares how she adapted her parent’s style:
“I used to be a little embarrassed by how she and my dad would dress, but now I steal their clothes all the time. My dad had totally taken my Cat Stevens t-shirt, but it’s OK, I have his Black Flag one and that’s amazing. And my mom…There’s a little vintage store where she lives…She [donated] a bunch of [her] stuff while I was away and I went there when I got back and bought five of her things. Out of everything in the store, I’d bought my mother’s things.”

Zoe dishes on filming “X-Men: First Class”:
“I feel like sometimes if you do a film with ‘movie stars’ there’s all this drama and superiority, but X-Men was not like that at all. We were living in London for four months and it was like X-Men summer camp, so we all hung out at each other’s houses after filming, went out to pubs… lived in Notting Hill, right by Portobello. I had about a month off when I first arrived in London, and I was like, “Can you send me to work please, because I’m spending all my money flea-market shopping!”

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