Laduma Ngxokolo – Pattern Designer

“Patterns are a delicate balance between what is beautiful and decorative, as well as being a fragmented expression of identities”

This form of creativity isn’t quite as simple as one would imagine it to be. My main obersvation wrt the not-so-simple element of pattern making, is that each individual pattern has to have a different characteristic, but still keep in line with the designs in the ‘family’. And this all has to sustainable over a long period of time. Hard work, but I fun I’d imagine.

Laduma Ngxokolo’s patterned jerseys (shown above) were inspired by the need for Xhosa-culture initiates to wear clothing that was more representative of their culture once they had completed their initiation ceremony.

“When a boy is initiated into manhood, they are required to burn all their old belongings and buy new possessions to show that they have made this transition,” He explains. “But Pringle was just about the only high quality men’s knitwear and I felt that the clothing should show their heritage proudly and be more culturally relevant and authentic.”

This caught my attention because I remember my dad used to wear jerseys similar to these.

Continue reading in the second quarter issue of the Design Indaba magazine, now on newsstands. Article by Maciek Dubla.
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