africa day

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), now recognized as the Africa Union (AU).

My May 25th Africa Day: I’d like to look past us being perceived to be the dark continent that is forever gripped by all sorts of negative issues i.e. poverty, aids, corrupt leaders etc.
We are a continent rich of history, full of minerals, full of all shades of people and of all types of languages. Surely such diversity is a good thing? Sad that this isn’t always what is portrayed in the media.

I do not know nearly as much as I’d like to know about my continent or even about my own SeTswana culture, but I do try and learn as much as possible from all the ports of information available to me. We should all try because one day, when our parents are gone, we will need to be the ones carrying forward our history.

Let’s appreciate our beauty as a continent today. We have our problems (like every other region does) but we are a fine-looking continent, damn it! No complaints even if it’s just for today.

Translation: "The African culture is on the streets, in museums, history books and in wardrobes."

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