Jozi, my Jozi…

Came across this article in the lastest offering of One Small Seed magazine (issue 22) and thought I’d share it with errbody (well, you know, the readers of my site – haha). Those living in Jozi might chuckle at the fact that they can relate, those who’ve never been in this city might find it insightful and those who’ve been and left might retort to this post as “That’s exactly why I left?” In any case, these are truthful answers from the visitors of, living in and out of Jo’burg.

“The bread of creativity” – “The place where people want to make Tomorrow’s money Today” – “Our true African city; grungy, loud, bling and alive” – “Without ocean…”  –  “It’s full of friends and full of lost contrasting souls” – “It’s full of old veterans sleeping under the new shiny train stations” – “It’s seen better days” – “It’s black and it’s blue from its history”  – “An energetic and vibrant city… some say a smaller version of New York” – “Energetic. Busy. Changing.” – “Everyone knows everyone, you just never know. We are all connected.”


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