Stop. Appreciate. Smile.

One issue in one section of my life has been confusing me since the beginning of 2011. This isn’t a shock to me though, I know what I want but I just can’t pull myself away from what I no longer want. Hope I’m making sense…

So in the midst of it all, thought I’d list 10 of the little things that make me happy, things I know for sure make me smile whatever my mood:-

1.       Comfortable silences

2.       A really good cup of coffee (makes me see stars)

3.       Bursting out laughing after suddenly remembering something funny that happened a while back

4.       Knowing all the words to a song

5.       The perfect, caught-in-the-moment photo

6.       Baked treats

7.       The moment just before kissing someone for the first time

8.       My bed, falling asleep to the sound of rain

9.       A good intimate conversation with a friend

10.   Breakfast. I never have enough time for a decent breakfast during the week because of all the rushing. Plus I’m always running late. So I love my weekend breakfasts.

Pic: Yesterday’s evening cuppa

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