Inspired by…

Natalie Massenet for the following reasons…

  • Entrepreneur, Founder of Net-a-Porter, a website that sells designer brands online, therefore introducing millions of women to the pleasures of “stealth shopping”
  • Transformed Net-a-Porter from a business that began with three friends in a tiny Chelsea studio, into an empire that generated sales of £120m in the year to January, employs nearly 650 people in London and New York. One of the leading success stories of the dotcom boom
  • The website is presented in the style of a magazine and was designed to offer customers across the world the chance to buy the latest look
  • She has become one of the most influential figures in fashion by giving women what they want — instant access to garments and shoes made by such top designers as Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Chloé, delivered in large black boxes, tissue paper and slinky silk ribbons
  • She says, “There were a lot of unimaginative private-equity people who said that women would never shop online. I think about those people a lot. I’m sure their wives are having Net-a-Porter bags delivered to their homes every day.”
  • In the sometimes bitchy world of fashion, she kills with kindness
  • Ten years on, the site gets between 2.5 and 3 million visitors a month

If you’re a fashion follower and you haven’t heard of her or this site, come out, come out from under that rock.

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