Vent 1.1

A little volcano erupted in me when a friend asked about her little-big dilemma last week. Lemme break it down into sections…

Here’s a guy you’ve just started “hangin’ out” with, as in you like him and he likes you. You’ve gone out a couple of dates, and you’ve even let him get to 2nd base – meaning you’re keen on him right now, you know. He on the other hand, “appears” to be interested, but all stand-offish at the same time. Typical guy, right. He calls however, which sends the message that you guys are cool, but then when you BBM him, the damn bugger previews it and chooses not to respond then and there – for hours at that, then makes up for it with a call, which he assumes you’ll be oh-so-thrilled to lap up.

Obviously, he’s not interested, well from where I’m hearing this story. Funny thing though, when she’s out, and he runs into her, he gets shocked when he’s thrown the cold shoulder. SMH.

So I advised that she can the whole thing with him…not get in touch with him but another friend says to stick it out and just go with the flow, which seems like the harder option, seriously. It’s like opting to hurt your own feelings over and over again.

Gosh, the heart is strange, wanting where it isn’t necessarily wanted…

Vent 1.2

Saw a true tweet from @Damnitstrue the other day: “Fat girls think they are skinny. Skinny girls think they fat. Ugly girls think they are hot. Hot girls thinks they are ugly. Damn!”

This world…you must just laugh.


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