“lemons in motherland”

Epic Glitch – (translated).

Came across this totally random (for a lack of better word) piece of work on my boyfriend’s mac, and my brain immediately got to work attempting to decipher it.  My interpretation…

* Lemon-headed family’s lost

* The car’s stuck

* Errr … half-nekkid lady trying to sell something – guess what it is

* They’re not sure where they are, lemon-headed lady thinks they’re in Limps. Maybe the nekkid lady can tell them…that’s why they stopped???

* A 2D war happening in the background

* CCTV cameras in the middle of nowhere monitoring the area. Make sense

* Clearly it’s about letting your mind go…freeing it of whatever bounds so as to let this setup make some kinda sense to you

There you go. Anger Management for the mildly off-beat folk out there.


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