La Suite Elle Decoration : Jean-Paul-Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier followed in the steps of Christian Lacroix and Martin Margiela, in re-designing the former apartment of famed French architect Jacque Carlu for the third edition of ELLE Decoration Suite by a fashion designer. He unveiled his signature nautical stripes all over the apartment, which is situated right in front of the Eiffel tower.

“Clothes are my job, and as I only know how to dress, I dressed this ELLE Decoration suite in the Cité de l’architecture & du Patrimoine, with various touches that already grace my collections. First, the marine touch.

Navy stripes are deployed and deformed on the walls, they are draped and curl around the furniture, a little “marine morphing” lounge that disappears in the white canvas. Then comes the green touch. Nature opens its doors !

Plants are invited in, a garden is printed on the walls! Ivy weaves into the sofa; lichen grows over the woven chairs in the shade of a tree, and moss, like green velvet, carpets the stone, plants tumble down in steps, hiding in a net. The nude touch,

satin skin : Fabric unfolds on the walls of the bedroom and forms a powdery velum on the ceiling. The corset dress of a fairground doll becomes the bed’s giant quilt. In this room, lingerie, a lace that fishnets on the carpet and is mirrored in the window panes. For the reflective touch, the terrace !

Paris and the Eiffel tower resonate and multiply in facets shaped like diamonds, jewels, accessories for the sky and clouds, which play on a chequered mirror on the floor, the shiny lining of a cement grey coating. Clothes have gone from one state to another as we pass from one room to another.”

Jean Paul Gaultier

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