Art of the Trench

“One piece – means so much to so many different people”

“Everyone has a clear idea of how they wear theirs”

“The strength of this garment…”

– Scott Schuman

A series of specifically commissioned trench portraits from fashion and street style photographers, which starts with a variety of deliciously shot pics by Scott Schuman of the Satorialist.

I love Burberry’s idea of looking back and tracking down the story of the trench coat, because it really is such an iconic piece of clothing. Going on to document how each of their customers, from around the globe, celebrate this clothing item is even more incredible. Everyone, including students, artists, taxi-drivers etc, look so great wrapped up in it, because it looks great however the individual chooses to dress it … up or down.

Note the soundtrack to the clip below: Shine On –  The Kooks (I love this song! Perfect choice)

The Story of the Trench

1910s: Burberry Towed Motoring Coat

1920s: Burberry Wool Gabardine

1930s: Women’s Ski Suit

1940s: Military Trench Coat

1950s: Women’s Wool Gabardine Coat

1960s: Men’s Short Cotton Rain Coat

1970s: Women’s Red TrenchCoat

1980s: Women’s Trench Coat

1990s: Duffle Coat

2000s: Autumn / Winter 2009 Campaign

See imagery of the above on:

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