Stop Telephoning meh-eh-eh-eh…

My Highlights…not necessarily in order of appearance

  • Set: Prison-for-bitches – You just knew it was going to be rough and sexy
  • Gaga’s first appearance clad in a PVC black and white striped dress
  • “I told you she didn’t have a dick”
  • Lit cigarette sunnies – just bad-ass
  • Dons chains over studded strapless top
  • Cooldrink cans as rollers in hair complete with leather jacket – Soooo reminiscent of Madge
  • That kiss in the prison yard
  • Virgin Mobile – Product Placement
  • How about that little dance as she exits prison, with that monstrous hat on?!
  • The two-toned hair
  • Quote Honey-B “You’ve been a very bad girl. A very, very, bad, bad girl Gaga!”
  • Enter Tyrese – been a minute…
  • La Pussy Wagon – Thanks to Mr. Quentin Tarantino

Thelma and Louise-style…the fabulous twosome drive off into the distance…

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