An Education – A class act

If you have not seen this movie, please go see it as soon as you’ve finished here. Her performance puts this film in a class all by itself.

Carey Mulligan plays Jenny, an attractive 16 year old school-girl, who plays the cello and has dreams of going to Oxford. She then stems off on a whirlwind romance, with David, a much older man, played by Peter Sarsgaard, making it easy for her to break free from her parents’ narrow suburban household. Their romance ends suddenly, but not before he has shown her a whole new world, complete with classical music concerts, expensive dinners, posh art auctions and a trip to Paris for her birthday!

I loved Alfred Molina in this movie too, who played her dad, and the performance of Emma Thompson, the headmistress, ought to be noted.

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One thought on “An Education – A class act

  1. Wim Laflame says:

    I am really anxious to watch the oscars soon. All the big stars at the red carpet, and really the girls in their skimpy dresses ;). Avatar shall be the greatest winner i guess…

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